New serie: FACETTES

Kristell In Wonderland has decided to try self-portraiture in her own way. 

Passionate about magazines, vintage, collage, pop art, she invites you to revisit the covers of Playboy magazine. It is told through the Playmate, erotic figure or not. She talks about her different facets as a woman. Playmates especially show their sexy facet. The magazine only wanting to highlight this aspect first. 

Renaming the magazine "Play Me - entertainment for self" (self-portrait), playing with Playboy code, Kristell becomes every woman of her life: a rockstar, a mother, a teacher, a child, an artist, a lover, a descendant, … 

We all have several costumes. We all play a game. We all behave differently depending on whether we are at work, with family or with friends. 

Today, I undress myself in front of you.

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