So, it's time to give some news from me. Like everyone else, i'm confined in my home with my 2 lovely children. I spend time between studying to upgrade my skills in graphic design, watching Netflix & also I'm working on a new photo serie
I've been wondering if I had to show image after image (like one every week), or wait and show the complete serie in several months. I feel I prefer the first option 1) to keep contact with you and 2) because It's a very important piece of work and I'd be curious if you like it. 

It's called "REBIRTH". It's little girls, as usual. But not any little girl. These little girls had a short life, because they were Jews and born around 1935-1940. I decided to colorize many of them and give them a second life, the honour they deserve. 

It's very personal to me because some of my family members were killed in the gas chambers in Auschwitz. 

#1 Meet Magda Rosenberg ((1936-1944) 
Born: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj - Napoca County, CJ Romania 
Murdered in Auschwitz at the age of 8 in 1944 

Never forget !

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